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In the Maximum city of Mumbai there is a space for everyone.

In the Maximum city of Mumbai there is a space for everyone.

I have only been here for a little over a month. I was shocked for most of it and wanted to go back and leave this all behind several times. I felt there would not be a true purpose for me in such e mega-city where everyone was just doing what they wanted.

But, I am starting to realize I was wrong.

In the Maximum city of Mumbai there is a space for everyone.


You just have to find it and keep moving with it. Don’t stop; never stop. Keep the vortex always turning.

There is a way for every means here. A slot for any creed, idea, job type, family and social extractions. It is a city that with its largeness does not dive, but it strangely unifies.

It is incredible that even though the city is over-crowded, filthy and perpetually in chaos, everyone finds a way of being and existing that fits them.

And everyone is close in proximity. You cannot avoid being smacked in the face by Dharavi or seeing the most expensive real estate in Asia while driving south. It is all there, close, undivided, unsolicited, just there for you to see and accept, because Mumbai is not to be controlled, or planned or directed.

Mumbai leads you where it wants, and it does so ruthlessly and unapologetically so and at a pace it gives New York City a kick in the rear.

In the Maximum city of Mumbai there is a space for everyone.

You just have to claim it and hang on it until the flow takes you somewhere else.

a matter of chance


I was photographing Wall Street yesterday as the two bombs erupted at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Boylston street. While many were getting injured I was calmly analyzing light patterns shining through buildings and coming out with an idea. A bit serendipitous since my dad was supposed to come from Italy and run the marathon and I was to run the second half with him, according to our December’s plans. But, not, he got injured last minute. So, in the end, yesterday, when the 250 thousand plus runners were stretching to the 26 mile mark, the hard and unforgiving 26th mile of torture, I was here in NYC, enjoying the sun shining and photographing away in Wall Street and my dad was in Rome sleeping. In any case, the time we would have crossed the finish line or at least we crossed it last time during the New York City Marathon in 2011, was 4:23:24 minutes, a whole 11 minutes later than then when the two explosions took place, still…
My heartfelt prayers go to the departed and injured runners and marathon spectators *(the heart of the race) and their families for the horror they had to go through in these past few hours. Also, although justice should prevail, let’s hope it will be served with a peaceful ending