Take Refuge

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Take Refuge

Take refuge in the place you know
it all resides.
where it all makes sense
where you are you at your best
do not be afraid, go there and stay.

Breath deeply in that place where it all
seems still and nothing ever shakes
every time you feel a sudden jolt
a push or a pull, do not despair
it is reality coming to compare
whether you still know
which one is right and which one is not.

We first come to see this clarity of being
we first realize that all can be demised,
but the strength of the dance is in keep
dancing when nothing seems to
be making sense. Where nothing is right
where you cannot quiet arrive
to see it all but only in one way.
The way you despise, the easiest you can
whenever you try. The blindest of all.

But seeing is training to see.
Seeing is not seeing when you ask to see
seeing is seeing when you feel to see
when you deeply desire to see things
differently, separately, distinctively.

The difference is in the eyes
not in the image you see
perception is key
you control it on your own.
You decided what to do with it all.
But it only works if you train at it
with moral discipline and love
and compassion and grace and gentleness
of the heart for at each mistake at each
short comings it is not a bash on the self,
but a lesson learned to be better next time.
An obstacle to be cherish for without it
we would be constantly blind and
never would we care to see it arise.

One thought on “Take Refuge

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