I often ask myself…is it ok to be selfish?

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Yes it is. As far as you do it with intention and not with spite or revenge.
It is ok to be taking time for yourself if it helps you pave the road toward a better version of who you are.
We are so worried about pleasing everyone and doing everything for everybody all the time, we forget about us.
As cheesy as it feels/seems, that’s as simple as that. We can exist and do so much better for the world if we take a constant and continuing effort to find out what we want and act upon this desire daily. No exception, no excuses, no buts, no people in our ways to stop us, not even our “very judgmental version” of ourselves telling us when we are selfish we should feel guilty.

We, too often, walk in this daze of coffee drinking, wine sipping, cheese eating and recurrent meetings with friends to speak about the life we wish we had, the job we have been searching for for four years, but never found and then we get back home wishing we hadn’t done it, because we felt more depressed than the moment before. While all we had to do in these moments is take action for yourself: don’t speak, be quiet and do. No words, just actions. And when the actions do not come as easily and the words come faster and better, stop and let yourself be forgiven, it is ok not to be perfect after all. It is ok to lose it and ok to feel “not in control” all the time. We are humans, we get lost, we fall down, we trip on our own insecurities all the time. The step forward is to recognize it, feel it inside, and stand back-up with the willingness to change something about it not for anyone else, but yourself.

Even when you get as low as not liking anything about yourself, anything at all, you must endure it, you must carry on the pieces shattered on the floor and rebuild that wonderful puzzle of self you are, and move in any directions you can. Just this step is moving forward, just this little action is an action toward self-realization, self-knowledge, self-acceptance. Once this is there, day in and day out, we can lose some of our selfishness and we will feel so much more giving and caring and loving towards everyone out there, because we love ourselves always in every little step of the way, in every facet, in every shape and form.

This journey is the most wonderful journey life has given us the chance to join. It is also the hardest one, but the end fulfillment is one of a life time. I assure you.
Good luck and easy walking.

One thought on “I often ask myself…is it ok to be selfish?

  1. Pete Longworth says:

    Powerful. Timely. GREATLY appreciated. Love you. Miss you.

    : )

    Sent via carrier pigeon


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