taliban women


Their name is erroneous and quiet misleading, but their garment and hidden identity is explicatory of exactly who they are: Non-women. Non-individual. Just a walking black tent resembling Sarah’s tent in the desert. Nothing can show, nothing can come through, no words are spoken, no gaze are given through their ‘fake burkas’ nothing to show even if they are Jewish or Muslims. Except if you ask. Then they tell you, but that’s all you get. A whisper in the air: “Yeudia!” Although you remain astonished and hard of hearing since they look nothing like they say they are. They peruse the streets of Meah Shearim as if they were constantly followed, they move fast, across the crowd, trying to disperse and give in little to the eyes of curiosity.






One thought on “taliban women

  1. Lilian Caruana says:

    Hi Audrey,

    Have you heard of these Jewish women who dress like this? It was a surprise to me.

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