The Picasso of the Middle East

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There are days when you think you have met a normal man, but instead you have met someone who have lived several lives more than you and in a completely different dimension. An ex-Brigadier General who served as an F-16 Pilot in the IDF Army for 24 years and who was a reservist for 15 more and later took part to a refusers movement, because he felt he could not longer endure the ‘immoral’ behaviors of some of his superiors. You read part of his book “Loud and Clear,” you interview him in his house near Hod Ha Sharon while eating strawberries and drinking black coffee, one too many for he is a heavy drinker, and, despite you have Italian roots in you, he beats you head on. And you later realize, when you put him in front of your camera in your studio, he is just a normal man who hates posing and being at the center of the frame with you directing him. But who looks oh so natural and handsome in all of his 74 years of age. Then, you slip him a little more coffee and your game is over, he is yours now, you can do what you wish with his persona, he will listen and will stare at the lens for as long as you need him. Voila`!

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