I have covered the Jewish, religious beat for quiet sometimes now. Mostly for personal interest and not for breaking news purposes. It all started with curiosity five years ago, which then became more of a search for hidden identity in a world that I later discovered to be too disconnected from reality itself to be broken through. This search later became a pure obsession for wanting to know and photograph everything regarding these communities I would come in contact with daily in Brooklyn. Both the curiosity and the obsession grew stronger to force me to travel across the world in four different countries to deepen my search for the essence of being a religious orthodox Jew. After years of wandering, a book published and a few exhibits under my belt, I am back on the hunt, a much different one, one that does not entails spending more times within religious communities, but the same that, one way or another, keeps on crossing paths with them as if there is indeed much more to be said and much more I still need to discover. My only concern this time though was that I was not welcomed. For the first time in five years working within these communities I felt very uneasy seeing angry faces of religious men looking at me as some ‘creature from another planet,’ calling me names and even spitting at me, because I went around taking photos in ‘their section.’ The angst one feels when it is not welcome where he/she is photographing becomes a real problem, one that enrages you from head to toes, one that you cannot control, especially when my only other allies, the women themselves, reprimanded me about my un-proper clothing and the use of my camera and wanted me out just as much as their men. This time I will not forget, this time I did not like their way of being one bit. I felt the disrespect all over me and my womanly figure and it was not the slightest bit ‘kosher’ and neither human.

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