little bird experiment

This was the first time I decided to look up instead than down while walking through the religious orthodox neighborhood of Bnei Brak in Tel Aviv. Pigeons are dirty animals, they bring all sorts of disease around and they, more often than not, poop on your hat, shoulder, umbrellas and shoes. But for some reason when they fly on power wires assuming all sorts of restless shapes, tail up and then down, alternating bicks etc, the sky looked like a white canvas to me and their feathers like paint brushes. I am not a bird loved, seeker and, let alone a bird photographer, I just found some sort of odd perspective in seeing the freedom of such creatures flying bye over a much less free and more rules-driven place, such as this very orthodox part of town is. It was almost an oxymoron how the same black and white colors of the bird feathers and the religious garment warned by the religious men underneath them could symbolize something so different. But, then again, this was only my humble point of view. The one from below to above. But, which turned out to be quiet escapist in the end.

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