living off a suite case .


The pros and cons of a foot lose lady:

You wonder why my shirt is colorless and my pants have holes on their knees?
And why I carry climbing shoes, cameras, yoga mats and running shoes in the same bag?

Because I like to travel. I in fact love to travel and I live traveling and working while I travel. The more I travel, the more I work in fact. And all of this is done using only one suite case with the same clothing for an average of 6-8 months.

This is my third year in a raw doing this, and I still have not figure it all out.

I never have the right type of clothing for the different temperatures *(not to mention, occasions) of the year, which means I am constantly chasing down summer-time wherever I am since once I pack, I usually do it in the summer season and I never seem to think about those few weeks/months of the year where jackets are a must.

You wonder why I also end-up buying external hard drives of all shapes and sizes in dingy malls in Bersheva or Casablanca? Because I never bring enough tera bites along and I photograph way to much. Not to mention the overly-priced 120 films that I carry along from New York every time, but I run out of them religiously.

Now, did I mention that all has to fit back in the same suite case I left with and, of course, it never does. Details, details.

This way of life makes me feel very free at time and in a sort-of endless state of happiness, but I got to stop it! It is fantastic and enriching and it makes regular life seem boring and ordinary, but it is also exhausting and emotionally draining.

I have to settle somewhere and live a normal or semi-normal life where I can actually get bored and grow roots one day. I think this is the year I will be deciding where this place really is. If it exists after all. And maybe, just maybe, I may have to put the suite case to rest for a bit and let the dust collect upon it until I pick it back-up once again.

Just and idea, but it is brewing…


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