the n.o.i.s.e. of s.i.l.e.n.c.e.

There are things in life you only fully appreciate when they are taken away from you. The lack of them is the ringing bell making us realize what we are actually missing. So simple, yet so difficult to put into perspective and to figure out. Commonsensical for sure, but not so noticeable after all. I am not taking about love here, neither of loved ones, but of silence as the lack of noise around us. Silence as the sound of nothingness in the surroundings. We never really appreciate it until all we hear is ambulances, crying children, fights being tossed around and traffic horns being honked. But once it is gone, we miss it, we cannot bare one more noise around us, we cherish those moment of quiet more than anything else. I have recently noticed how my ears are craving silence so much more since I have been training them to this ‘sound’ that is so different from the one of the busy street in New York City. My ears can feel and hear how the lack of noises shapes all that surrounds us, how the lack of noise is absolutely existential for my well-being and my health. And I am referring to the silence one experiences on every Friday night here in this country, where this day every week is a reminder that we (our ears more than included) need a break. A time to hear the silence and make it worth all the noises we have to endure. A time to cherish and enjoy the noise of nothing. Its power and its strength to remind us once more that we are human being and we need to be still once in a while and not only do. This sound of emptiness and quietness is full of meaning if you stop and embrace it once in a while and can fill the rest of the noisy days.



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