Week 2 in Israel: Har Nof

untitled shoot-1442sm

A kid touches bullet holes from the window of the Har Nof synagogue, Jerusalem, where five Israeli were brutally murdered  on Monday, November 17, 2014 by Palestinian hands.

untitled shoot-1280

A religious man looks down at offers of tzedaka for the family who lost their loved ones.

untitled shoot-1346sm

Girls await the main Rabbi, Rav Rubin to exit the Har Nof synagogue on Thursday afternoon.

untitled shoot-1100sm

Women davening at the Har Nof synagogue during Mincha.

untitled shoot-1080sm

Women praying outside of the Har Nof synagogue on Thursday afternoon.


Two kids playing on a balcony of a house right in front of the Har Nof synagogue. “Life must go on,” community members shared their feelings.

untitled shoot-1418sm

The Admor of Vizhnitz, Rav Israel Hager, came to share his condolences to the community of Har Nof that lost four of their members and one policeman to a terror attack by Palestinians.

untitled shoot-1488sm

Shadows of Rabbis and kid at sunset in Har Nof.

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