a prayer for Israel and beyond…


buddhist monk praying inside the saint sepulcher in Jerusalem, June 2012

ok…that’s it. I shut up for too long now. What is happening in ISRAEL is DESPICABLE. I am NOT there and I cannot, but ask my friends in the cities to tell me what’s going on. I am sure it is horrific for both parts. I am sure it is bloody and scary and unfair and brutal and horrible and deadly and of this I feel terribly sorry. If RABIN and ARAFAT were alive today, this would have been very different. VERY.

The law of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” was never ok, not even in the Middle Age. People of both creeds, cousins of two religions who share many similar values, what is it that you are doing, killing one another still in the name of a land and a religion that created you both?

What is Netanyau doing? He speaks of peace process with Abbas in this video on TIME magazine last week and then he responds to Hamas abduction and killing of 3 Israeli students with a vengeful killing of a Palestinian boy and another beating of an American boy today? Yes, of course the Palestinian are throwing rocks and they are also wrong and violent, but children? Seriously…? Yes, the 3 boys abducted and brutally killed were children too, the children of ISRAEL, but still…this is no way toward PEACE. No way toward conversation and comprehension between one another. What are you doing Palestine and ABBAS still enjoying a ‘friendship’ with the terrorist of HAMAS? This is no way to PEACE as well.

What are you doing? Israel is supposed to be the land of Milk and Honey and our TORAH speaks of “treat others like you would treat yourself…” You are not as BARBARIC as you look on the TV screen all over the news these days, you were supposed to be an example of Democracy in the Middle East…and one day the two religions were supposed to live closely in respect of one another’s dream and not killing one another daily on the basis of lies and more killings and brutal disrespect.

Be that example. Teach everyone there is another way other than violence and war. Rise above the crowd, please. Be no evil to respond to evil. A.M.E.N.

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