mother nature is a goddess

and her salty warm waters, pink sunrises and muddiness are music for my soul.
happy 2014 from Yam Hamelach world!!!

A night in nature in the quiet breeze of an Israeli winter was way superior to partying all night long anywhere else I could think of. Interior Peace levels are very high at the moment, let’s see how long they will last. Back into real life tomorrow. Italy for book presentations, closing-up the exhibit and then NYC in two weeks. Keep it moving and keep it breathing. The end side is always easier than the beginning, but the beginning is the most attractive and adrenaline-driven part of it all.




3 thoughts on “mother nature is a goddess

  1. mayan p says:

    hi fede!
    pretty amazing story–our friends got married last week–and they got your book as a presant! so thats how i came to look you up again…
    are you still here?
    can you send us the book?
    how are you??
    sounds like exiting times this last year
    hope you are well! you deserve only good things!
    luv–from tekoa–mayan 🙂

  2. Federica Valabrega says:

    Mayan, so glad you are writing to me, I was just thinking of you the other day. I was just in Israel and wanted to come visit, but then got to see so much family, it was impossible 😦 In any case, I left a book for you at my cousin’s house *(I will autograph it later when I come see you once more and when I come take that clai mug your friend made for me)
    How are you? Did you like the book? Which friend brought it to a wedding…? Too funny 🙂
    In any case take my cousin’s Meirav’s phone number here and call her to go pick-up the book in Jerusalem *(she lives in Rahavia) 050-6991813. OK? hugs from italy and soon NYC!

  3. mayan p says:

    oh luv thanks so much!
    im really happy for you!!
    see you next time 🙂 youre always welcome!

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