Djerbian kids…

So the story goes that I will arrive in Tunisia and I will find what I had been looking for all along in Morocco, but I will find plentiful of it and not just some sporadic number. I will be invited to lunch and dinner from people I barely knew only because I asked for a bit of water. I would be surrounded by screaming kids wanting to play with my camera and be the subjects of my photos. I would play Rabbi with them and then go get ice-cream in the house of another Jewish man who will see me hungry and tired and will offer me more food. It would all be perfect and it would all be as if I was put there for that purpose only. As if the turns I took in the little town of 800 Jews were meant to bring me where I needed to be going all the time.
And so the story goes that I now have a place for Shabbat and a place for Rosh Hashana in the house of a Cohen in the village of Hara Kbira in the Tunisia island of Djerba and it will all thanks to these two little girls who saw me outside of their school and were not afraid of me, but actually took my hand and brought me with them to “take a tour” of their village.
Amazing how a bit of confidence can go a long way. Thank you Odelya and Erica. Now, today is another day and I shall seek more photos. YALLA!





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