Djerba 02 a day before Rosh Hashana begins



The younger and the older generations of Djerbian Jew meet on the streets of Hara Kbira in preparation for the Jewish holiday tomorrow. At every corner you feel as if you are in different reality. On one hand you can find a woman washing and salting chickens to make them Kasher, while on the other you can see some girls parading *(and sometimes singing) down the streets with their school supplies on their way home form class. Everybody minds their own business initially and if you just wonder around you will feel a bit like a stranger to them, but as soon as you say hello, they come and speak to you, they bring you to their families and you become the new guest invited for some “frittens,” *(the typical Djerbian staffed-fried bread) and a coca cola…and next thing you know, you are helping out with their school homework.
Now, if only I could take that one photo of the oldest Djerbian woman I saw today and photographed only from behind (the white coated one), then I would be in heaven. Trying more tomorrow before the three-day break for the Jewish holidays.







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