Purdue University Press


This photo is the living proof that work always pays off even if one does it with a broken leg *(when I interviewed this woman and shot this image I had just had surgery on my right ACL and I had to move with crutches everywhere I would go, which made everything much more challenging) and no perspective future buyer.
At some poing…someone, somewhere when the time is right will find your photo in a random google search, which will bring him to a gallery of images published on January 25, 2011 on La Repubblica and ask you to use it as a cover of a limited edition of books on the subject of your image: Edith Bruck an Holocaust survivor and a very well-known poet living and working in Rome, Italy.

2 thoughts on “Purdue University Press

  1. Pete Longworth says:

    I miss you hobbly! Are you all good with the crutches? I am guessing it drives a strong, independent woman crazy.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Pete, miss you too, but I am not on crutches right now, I was in 2011…remember! See you hopefully soon 🙂

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