there is always a way forward

We just MUST be PATIENT~!

So you know those days in which everything seems to fall apart and you have no control over how big the damages will be. You just wake-up on the wrong side of the bed, the coffee tasted much bitter than usual and your tooth-paste falls off the tooth-brush on your new blouse screwing-up the summer outfit your picked.
Yet, you desperately want to be excited for the day ahead, but all you can do is think about the incredibly long list of “to dos” you must accomplish before lunch-time and it just does not fit with your lousy mood today.
Not to mention outside is scolding hot and humid and the thought of biking to work is not appealing. And then there is the ultimate man who did not call you or text you after “the other night,” which you thought it went pretty well and you guys hit it off on several levels, but it turns out he has a girlfriend somewhere else and he is “actually just not that into you” for him to pick-up the phone and generously just tell you to “look elsewhere” so you keep on hoping until you feel silly and give-up.
And then there is that message from your mother with her side of the story and your father with his other’s on why their marriage is falling apart and you can’t, but listen and say nothing, while inside it’s it tearing you apart because they have been your whole world for years and now it is going to be so much harder to believe in love again.
Oy Vey!

And the list goes on…

I never have enough money, but I live in NYC and I want to go out.
I do not know how to ask for a raise.
I wish I had…this new camera, but I can’t afford it.
I can’t take this anymore.
When will I have a second to breath for my own good?
How long will I take to understand how to change my attitude.
What is wrong with me?
It is not me. It is you. Or is it the other way around?

We have complaints all the time. We spend most of our days thinking of things we do not like, while instead we should just believe that the more negativity and negative vibes we breath out, the harder it will get for the positive to happen.
And, for G-d’s sake, why can’t we ever be patient? Why do we have to rush everything all the time? We have no idea how much better things would be if we were able to wait and pause for a bit before we think. Truly. What is right in front of us, it is rarely the only right option. If we look farther and deeper, there are good surprises everywhere else.

Good things take time *(longer than we allow) to happen and patience is a virtue we all must have with us along the way.
So, carry on. Liat, liat…everything will just sort itself out and bliss will follow. Just believe!

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