red. hook. crit. series. 2nd. edition: navy. yard.


Once upon a time there was a group of cyclists who liked to play hard. They enjoyed playing hard so much that they started racing bikes at night. The night factor was not enough for them, they had to add extra obstacles to their challenge. So they decided to race without gears and brakes this way they had to keep total control of their vehicle at top velocity without external aids.
Yet, something was still missing…a circuit where to race in and not any crit, a technically challenging and as narrow as a water stream crit with additional cobble stones and gravel to eliminate the “ones with no hair on their chest,” sort-of-speak.

This is how in 2008 the Red Hook Fixed gear bike Criterium was born and this year its debut on March 30th was much more “in style” and “less of a cyclists massacre” than the June 8th Navy Yard second edition that ended-up eliminating 95 participants in 28 laps. Leaving only five riders to finish the 33 laps planned. Total crashes in the race= four with a plethora of cyclists out some even at lap #1.


Thank G-d and the Divine Providence for not causing any deaths and any major accidents *(except the one in the qualifiers and let’s hope the rider gets his face all fixed up in no time!). Despite the competitive vibe, the ruthlessness and the violent crashes, there is so much passion and so much complete madness behind it all that one cannot, but watch with admiration and respect even when the course is so hard and technical to eliminate more competitors than finishers.
But this is the price to pay to be the TOP of the TOP!Or is it not?

The runners are so much more sane! And just as fast šŸ™‚

ps: Iride Fixed Modena ruled the terrain with five participants despite falls, cut, bruised and shattered egos. Teammate Francesco Martucci toke a 7th place overall despite a recent fever. Bravi Ragazzi! Alla prossima a Barcelona šŸ™‚











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