I think sometimes life puts us in front of a pile of bricks and asks us to climb over them, and leave the fragment of the broken bricks we stepped over, behind. It just tells us to follow a light that is dim and far away. And to trust it will get closer and stronger. In the mean time, while it challenges us, it also throws our way a series of alternative escape exits to give us a chance to turn around, run away, and take the second best choice through an easier and, less fulfilling, door.
To prove us, to show us that nothing else smaller or lesser than what we think to be right for us really matters.
In fact, we should want to climb for the top, we should want to reach the peak of the pile of bricks and then run, run, run like infuriated cows until we are comfortable for a moment or two and then run again…we should not stop and take the red incandescent exit sign for the “chicken” doorway.

The real prize really lays in the mist of it all and not at the finish line.
But the longer, the more arduous and impervious the way, the more the ever-lasting presence of victory and the stronger the sentiment of not having given up on ourselves.

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