it’s an ‘Italian fixed Modena affair

There is something about belonging to a team. It’s a feeling of family mixed to camaraderie that is difficult to find anywhere else except with the ones you share the
“falling and rising” of an every-day adventure, lifestyle and lots and lots of kilometers on the road.
And this feeling of unity and comfort it’s even stronger if the team-mates are Italians and the common link among them it’s a “two-wheel full-carbon, 5grams fixie entirely costumed-made in a small city up in the hill(lacking) part of Italy.”
Not to mention how much stronger the team-spirit becomes if they all happen to be in Brooklyn, more precisely in Red Hook, for a Criterium opened only to fixies and they happen to meet a very talkative, Italian photographer. Best combo ever!
See you again on June 8, 2013 for the Navy Yard Criterium and then Milan on October 11, 2013.
Note: The first photo is not a team-mate of Team Iride Modena…but the shot was too good to leave out~!

2 thoughts on “it’s an ‘Italian fixed Modena affair

  1. limboazulweb says:

    proud to have been there with Sameule Cai Legsssss…thx for great shooting !!!

  2. riky76 says:

    Reblogged this on riky76omnium and commented:
    ok, ora è proprio ufficiale, l’Italia ha una vera e grande squadra per le criterium in fissa… pronti a scalare le classifiche di tutto il mondo!

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