red feather’s experiment

It has not been easy for me to experiment with color photography. I have been seeing things in black and white since I have started taking photos professionally four years ago. The reason being, I think, because color images are less organic and less pleasing to a simple eye. The more the eye grows, the more it learns to accept colors as not only a challenge, but a breath of fresh air in an, otherwise flatter, environment.
I am on that path now. I still see color tones as disruptive and chaotic, but I also see their additional power. I see their depths and their strengths even in a simple image, which would look stunning in black and white just as much.
I am not quiet sure my fascination with black and white is entirely terminated, but I am welcoming warm color tones in my photos lately especially in a nighty 1920’s-like environment where red feathers, velvet dresses and a colorful roulette table come about and the usual dramatic feel of a black and white image would not be as effective as a colorful one.
Let’s see what happens next…



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