thank you to my angels up there

Strangely so today is a day in which I am reflecting upon the fact that life is indeed really too short to get upset, fight, or worry all the time.
Sunday was my grandfather’s death’s first year anniversary and, although I knew it was going to come bye around the corner sooner or later, it felt like it was yesterday I was sitting by the beach in Los Angeles when I got the phone call with the news of his passing. I did not even cry. I was in shock, but also relieved, because he had suffered enough. It was time for him to be at peace. I remember the last few words he had said to me and my sister on the phone: “Life is short, do not waste it worrying too much, live it, learn from it, love every minute of it.” As cheesy as it sounds, it is so true, so real and so applicable every single day of our lives. He was 87 when he passed away, he lived a full life as a doctor, father and the most caring grandfather one could wish for. This girl dressed-up like an angel on the street of the Jewish neighborhood of Crown Heights reminded me of him and of all of my other grandparents who passed away this year and years past who are now my Angels, protecting me from above.
I just wanted to take a second to say thank you all for shaping the person I am today and for continuously looking up for me and my daily happiness. I am feeling your love. I am holding your hands. Forever.

One thought on “thank you to my angels up there

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    Like šŸ™‚


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