my photo made it all the way to Austria…

federica_spreadsheet Biber Magazine had one of my shots from “Daughters of The King,” as the opener of the Special Section of their February Issue.Check out their full Web site. Looking forward to work with them again.

I took the photo in Crown Heights Brooklyn circa November 2010, it was sukkot and Rivka here was cleaning up after her father’s mess while building the sukka, a hut Jewish people build to celebrate the festivities of Sukkot, which come after the hight holidays as a celebration of the 40 years the Jews spent wandering in the desert looking for Canaan, the land later called Israel.
For seven days during sukkot, we eat and pray and bless out foods inside the sukka as our ancestors did for 40 years not having homes with roofs and real walls. It is a tradition, a very old one, as just about everything else is in Judaism.

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