Marjorje, the Queen of Jazz in Harlem

These photos are for my grandfather Bruno who passed away two months ago on Oct. 24, 2012.
If he would still be alive, I would have taken him to listen to Marjorie and I know he would have stompped his foot on the floor at the beat of the basso.
He was Jazz lover, he was the one ahead of time, precursor of age who taught us about loving music and transcending the genre to get to the core of “the dialogue music bring upon us and within us.”

I think of him often here in NYC because this was his city before it became my “home for rent.”
America was his dream, he helped me achieved it for myself and for the fulfillment of a life spent working day and night to give us everything we may have needed and that he was not so lucky to get when he was our age because he did not have parents to provide him with. He was alone and he braved through many things to get himself and us to NYC.

Nonno mi manchi un sacco, ma sei con me in ogni dove, specialmente quando sento la musica Jazz. Tua Imperatrice, Sara 🙂


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