Far Rockaway is still alive…


Ramsey and Kevin have been together for 25 years “even before being gay and living together was allowed,” and for the last two of their New York life years, they had moved to Rockaway to be closer to the water. They had decided to rent an apartment in a small wooden complex of 1950’s condos on B88 St. and Cull Ct. Little did they know the ocean would come knock directly at their door and not leave for a while confining them to their upstairs little “loft-bed” area for about a month.

“We did not have any other place to go,” said Remsey who in his prime worked as a Director for Kalvin Klein for seven years. “We slept up there because there were two feet of water inside the house. We were actually lucky compared to our neighbors who had to swim around to find someone to host them during the storm. At least we had the loft. It was hard to swim around the house to get to the bathroom and the kitchen, but we made it.”


Kevin is less inclined to speak to us. He wants to get everything pack and hand it to the movers. He is excited to go live in their new home in Brooklyn as soon as possible. Fema has in fact been giving them $200/day for hotel rooms to live in, but “it’s getting old, we want a new home.” So Remsey and Kevin took the $2,900 for relocation charges and the additional $5,000 for damage control given by the State of New York and found themselves a new apartment on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn where their art, photography and family properties will be safe.

“All I cared about was to come take my great-grandmother’s painting and my grandfather’s tallis and some photos of Weegee with my grandfather, that’s all,” said Kevin who used to be a professional photographer himself. “The rest could have been submerged by water and I would have been ok. Thank G-d these things were safe.”





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