When you know truth, you do not only want to know half. You want to know it all, so you have to do what is right to know more.

You know it is going to be a good day if you run in a Chassidut class more than half-way through wearing tight jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a French hat and nobody says anything to you, but ‘welcome.’
With the lack of luck I have been having in Paris, I certainly wouldn’t have thought on my last day I was going to meet such an interesting gal as Aubrey *(named by her mother after Aubrey Eburned).
She has got character and style and also a tainted black Mini Morris she says it was a present from her husband for her second pregnancy.
She has done just about anything in her career: after her bachelor, she went to art and film school where she made short movies, then she was modeling for a clothing store, but then she travelled to Israel and met her future husband, an Israeli Jew who lived in Paris and she is not a religious Jew who is trying to create a business selling “in-style” hats for frum women.
“After the marriage, she became a different woman,” said her mother Bridgitte while handing me a plate with rice and kosher fake shrimps made with all kinds of fish mixed together, but the actual sea food. “Her husband was more religious than her and little, by little she decided to change for love.”
Her mother seems ok with her daughter’s way of life, but her friends still ask her how did she let her own blood become so different than before. She said, as far as she lives a good life and she is happy with her self, she will always support her. This does not mean she will do the same. Yet, she did just buy a set of different plates in her house so her daughter, husband and children can come over for dinner whenever without any problems.
“That is a very big step for my mother to see me change like that,” said Aubrey. “But this is my way, the right way for me.”
A year ago she made the biggest change of it all, starting to go to Torah classes for women every Tuesday morning where she is learning new things every day. She said her sheitel is brand new, she never thought she would wear one, but she had tried everything else, and “in Paris you are constantly looked at by everyone and even my non-religious friends could not recognize me with the techel, so I choose to have fake hair instead. I did it for G-d, I know it is not my hair. This is enough of a sacrifice for me.”

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