sometimes you got to add colors to your life

because in days like today a simple existence in black and white it is not sufficient.
In days like today when I tried two different shooting and failed at both because my subjects were so reluctant to be photographed than, not even a 30min. explanation had me win over “their fear of being recognized and then hunt down.”
Well, in those days you need a very big dose of self-confidence, a lot of patience, an even bigger color painting brush and a white canvas where you can just get out all your anger in different shades of green.
I did not have such space, canvas, time or painting shades of green. But I could walk in search of other things to see. I could pass time wondering around Paris and letting the town just seep under my skin to the level of my deepest perception in a way it had never touched me before. In a way in which seeing the Opera` after 9pm gave me the shivers. In a way, even if I hate the Christmas shopping and the crowds of crazy tourists filling up the stores, you can always run inside Gallery Lafayette, get lost in the maquillage floor and your face all done and then go out for a glass of red wine with a girlfriend.
Yes, those are the days when one who has the hard job of making the visibly boring and plain reality a more interesting and subtle something else should just re-joice from not having a boss, but their inner conscience blaming them for not trying hard enough and not having to deal with a severe punishment from an angry Chief.
Those are the days you get back up, turn your hat the other way around, put a clean smile on your face and carry on dwelling with angry Religious Jewish women being very skeptical about you taking photos of them trying on over-prized, super-French hats of all shape and size in a wonderfully furnished private house near the Champ Elysee *(do not tell me how I got in…too bad I was not able to take one shot!)
I will get my chance…I know I will. You only have to wait until after Shabbat.
And I won’t only bring my camera, but a paint brush and some cans of bright green paint with me.

Laila Tov from grey, but dreamy Paris.

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