Paris, je t`adore

If I say Djerba do you know where that is? Well, let’s say I didn’t until three days ago.
Djerba is an Island near Tunis on the coast of Tunisia where there are still a very few Stfarad Jew living there. The majority has now moved here in France.
Today I was basically there, although really in Paris getting into a Djerba’s wedding incognito and practicing my very poor French skills with these women while there were sitting waiting for the bride to come in. They did not believe I was a photographer and I was Italian, they kept speaking to me in Hebrew.

I was shocked to see so many dressed-up women, and so many funky hats. The French religious women definitely know how to “bring it on!”
I had never known about the Stfarad from Djerba and now I must say, I may as well go there to shoot next year because these women are the most interesting I have seen so far!
In about two hours among them I got my whole week re-scheduled:
Meeting a fashion designer tomorrow in the 18 arrondissement, and then going to a Henna ceremony on Sunday…perfection.

And I only had to wait in the cold to find nothing around Rue Manin and then followed a lead from a Djerbian friend of mine met during the check-in line at the Rome airport the other day… Good first day in Paris, now I am wishing for a bit of sun and more luck for a nice outside shoot tomorrow. Let’s see what the universe will reserve me. I will take anything.

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