come puo` uno scoglio arginare il mare

You know sometimes you put your feet up, relax for a bit too long, think of something completely unrelated to your happiness and then life takes a sharp turn and you loose control and the stirring wheel just slips away from under you…so you look around unaware of where you are to go now. You try to stir yourself back on track, both wheels straight forward, but then another oil puddle appears on the ground beneath you and makes you slip again.
There is a famous song a friend of mine had me listen to the other day when I was speaking to him about the hardship of life and love and getting older and growing more aware of the subtleties of life and its precariety.
The song speaks of the impossibilities for a rock in the middle of the ocean to take control of it. It is more likely that the ocean would take control of the rock. So, one has to let go the illusion of wanting to control everything, because, ultimately, nothing is really under his control ever. Life is too evanescent and our expectations for success and happiness are unrealistic. PERIOD.
The hard down hills and the even harder up hills are part of this marvelous life of ours, we just have to be prepared and flexible to its continuous changes. This is the only way out, this is the only way to self-acceptance and satisfaction, not to mention to pure happiness.
We must learn to roll up and down and up again, one step at the time, one decision every day. Life, with its many subtle games of chess, will take care of the rest just as much as it did for me the other day I wanted to sit under the sukka in the garden of the main synagogue in Rome…where inside I met a psycho analyst and a colon cancer survivor who as a profession is a clown and with whom I spent the most pleasant afternoon speaking about life and love and coincidences and Jewish names and mitzvoth. And with whom I felt as if I were back in Israel, a place where my soul completely unleashed and took the deepest breath of all.
Now, I know life will take care of this other, little obstacle we have before us. Liat Liat, we will manage once again.

This is the song

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