the sad end of Migron

So the biggest Israeli outpost in the West Bank was cleared today and it was done in a semi-calmed manner except for few yeshiva boys who were barricading themselves in a house and on its roof-top to make the point: “these are our homes and it is a shame for the Israeli soldiers to take them away from us.” They were later forcefully taken down from the roof and arrested by police.
Everyone else left voluntarily and peacefully Saturday night or Sunday in the very early morning.
I know reporters or photojournalist should not have opinions and should not pick sides, but I have to say it was very hard to witness these people leaving their homes behind this way. Seeing six Israeli soldiers carrying one Israeli boy to a bus full of more to manually evacuating them from what had been their homes for the past nine years, was disturbing, even if everyone was doing their job.
By 3pm, most of the houses were cleared and the outpost all the way uphill in the Judea and Samaria area looked like a ghost village where nobody had lived before. Kids toys were left behind, the hot water for coffee and tea used for Shabbat was still warm and food was still stored in the fridges. Beds were still made and the grass in the back yards was still green…
Despite the many appeals from the citizens because it seemed that at least 17 families had purchase their lots legally from Palestinians, there is still too much confusion on land ownership, so the Supreme Court of Israel ruled last week that the outpost had to be cleared by Sept. 4, 2012.
“The state now says there will be no civilian presence at the present site of Migron until the claims of ownership of the land are all settled. In addition, it insists that all buildings at the site be razed and says that only if it turns out that the land has no private owner can they be rebuilt,”was said back in Febr. 2012.
But this is Israeli land that was captured during the 1967 War, but which Palestinian claim in the hope to build an independent state there. And so Israeli citizens who believe in Zionism and want to see their fore-father’s land flourish, go and live in this land, which is “technically Israeli,” but world-wide “unrecognized” as annexed to Israel after the 1967 war.
Another battle, another confusing ending…
Is this that we are seeing another mistake from the Israeli government like the one committed clearing the outposts in Gaza in 2006? How can a government, which is supposed to support Zionism and growth, led to first allow and then remove his people from a territory conquered, but never really named as part of Israel? Why if didn’t Israel annex the West Bank territory like it did with the Golan Heights and made it part of Israel? Is moving the Israeli citizens from one outpost to another the way to help ricontruct a clear map of the state of Israel so that the annexed territories would have “some-what of an order,” fair?
I am starting to believe what each and every Israeli I speak to tells me: If, who live here and have seen it all, still do not understand, how could you?
Nachon…I am done trying, or maybe just done trying to pick a side to favor, there is not end to a beginning and no beginning to an end. It is all a big, complicated mess for which we shall wait,hope and see.

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