don’t ever get lazy…

…the best shot is always going to come at the very end of the very last drop of sunshine in a 8-hour day shooting.
Do not put your camera down, do not pack your cards yet otherwise you will miss it. And, more importantly, let the little Arab kids play with your camera a little bit while you are trying to take the shot. They will be happier and they will let you work in peace.
This is pretty much what I have learned today. I left home early with destination East Jerusalem to go confront some of my fears of the Arab neighborhoods down there around the 2001 Wall area. I think I may have walked a good 15 km round-trip in a 38 degrees temperature and did not get a decent frame to save my life. I even had to run away from this little 6 years old Arab kid with a pint-ball gun pointed at me for no reasons. *( I let it go because I was a bit too upset by the gesture that I would have just screamed the wrong things I think). In any case, later his father told him to put it down and leave me alone. And so I went my way and he went his. In any case, I was focused and committed to see this Wall for myself to understand.
Not much to see or understand really, the area was very quiet and calm despite the riots of the past few days where it is claimed that some Israeli had bitten seven Palestinian in the area. Oh, well, I guess this was better for me after all.
In any case, since the lack of action at the Wall, I walked all the way back through Lion’s gate once more and got lost in the Arab Quarters and its winding roads. And then I found her: Miss Palestine!
Please, check out the colors of her outfit. They seem perfectly matched to “the flag.” Pretty cool, ha!
I could not have asked for a more perfect end-of-the day photo…

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