should I stay or should I go…

People are starting to ask me if I will ever leave Israel.
I have been here for three months and the signs all lead to one answer only: not yet!
I came here in May with one main goal in mind, the goal is still there and I took many steps in the direction of realizing such achievement, but along the way I have also ran into the “traveler’s syndrome,” which has been hard to get rid of and I am not quiet sure I am ready to shed off yet.
When you move as much as I have been doing, there is never the chance of getting bored, everything is always new, any adventure it’s just so interesting just for the fact that you have never tasted it before and the outcomes are surely unknown. This way of life leads you to enjoy every moment to the fullest, every split second of every day is a chance to discover another thing and along the way another part of your self.
I think I will do what I have always wanted to do: Live and work to travel the world. I remember being 19 and choosing Med School because of wanting a secure life and a calm future in a house with a big garden and a BBQ deck. Well, now, all I care to have is a small roof over my head, but be surrounded by interesting people who share their life’s treasures with me in front of a glass of red wine on their way back from their latest hike in Katmandu.
I do not think to be crazy to want to live and breath adventure and culture. This trip to Israel has open my cage, the one I indirectly put myself in every time I think of me wanting to be different from who I am. The one I have felt I have been living in for the past 11 years of my life. This country within all of its controversy, attracts people from everywhere in the world and their attitude, despite their excessive “cutzpa” at times, it’s genuine and honest and it makes me feel more myself than anywhere else in the world. Israelis are the “start-up nation of the world,” they are relatively rude, a bit too disorganized, maybe even too self-absorbed and selfish, and also always in a hurry, but they have so much passion and life in their eyes they could fill-up the entire ocean twice around.
Passion drives my life daily. Passion is the core of my existence. Passion is all I want around me. Nothing more, nothing less.
So, no I am not leaving Israel yet, and maybe when I do, I will only do it for a little bit, and come right back!

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