the time of my life

Galgalaz is playing, the car is speeding down the highway, the masgan is on full speed, the guide books are out and the maps are underlined to perfection. Our four-days adventure is starting now: Destinations depend on the people we meet on our path.
This is the only way to travel around in Israel. You set a tentative plan and then you end up in a Moshav called Ein Od in a restaurant called Donna Rosa to eat Argentinian meat and drink cheap Israeli wine after you have wondered all day up and down the Jordan valley and having visited the old port of Akko. Then, after dinner, you may meet a group of young soldiers just released from the army who invite you to sleep under the blue sky and watch shooting stars all night *(not, it’s not a movie). You trust them because they are Israelis and because their eyes are as sweet as dates honey and their young moves delicate and innocent as much as their ageless and beardless faces. And so you take a “chaser” of Arak and you let yourself have the time of your life on a beach in the middle of nowhere without asking their names and without remembering the way back home.
You just get lost in the moment and this is the way no guide books could have showed you.

I did not mention that if you do all this with your best friends the results could greatly increase in interest and meaning.
You should try it sometimes…

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