the women of the holy sepulcher

So my two best friends since elementary school are visiting me in Israel right now and they are not Jewish so obviously we are not visiting only Jewish sites, but venturing into all the Christian and Muslim quarters and churches etc…and, of course we could not miss this one at sunset with its Holy Mass together with the ethiopian orthodox and the Hare Krisna ladies.
It was a mystical experience for me as well because while they were receiving the Mass, I got to take photos in every corner of the church possible and this helped me experience the place on a whole other level. When you live in a place like Jerusalem, you can’t but run into any type of religious creed and, one way or the other, these grow on you as you go along discovering them in their deepest depths.
It has been the same for me all along. I have always nurtured a certain voracious interest in the mysticism behind believing in G-d in all of its multiple facetted and now that I live in a place where these religions are personified daily on the streets as if I were walking inside a history book, my creativity or my selective judgment about them is flourishing no matter the religions they profess.
Hare, Hare, Hare~

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