An Oasis in the middle of the desert, the moon light and a the wolf pool

These three things make for a perfect combination and also a perfect shot.
I am back in Jerusalem now after a week spent in the “new age” kibbutz of Neot Semadar in the middle of the Neged desert and I am feeling weird to be back in “real” life. Just the sound of cars disturb my sleep and raising when the sun is already up feels almost abnormal. I feel strange even to say that I miss waking-up at 4:45 to the sound of birds singing and the moon lighting peaking through the windows. Walking at the moon-light toward the palm promenade to sit in silence for “sharit,” the awaiting of dawn together with all the other kibbutzniks before the day breaks and work starts, was magical.

The eating meals at the same time every day in silence in the main dining hall together with all the other 200 kibbutzniks did not do that much for me, but the “welcoming of the day” ceremony I will never forget. I just can’t get used to eating salad for breakfast and I do not like goat cheese or milk or goat yogurt. I am an Italian cow-milk lover. Yet, it was an experience!

I never ate in silence before and maybe that is actually a good and healthy habit to keep for a while, but then again, I like socializing and lunch or dinner is the time where one gets together with family and friends to share the day and spend time with one another…So I think I will pass and be quiet when I work instead!

Anyhow, one think I will miss the most out of all of them from this place: the view from the Wolf Pool, this man-made, water recycled pool on top of a hill overawing the entire desert valley all the way where you cannot distinguish the sky from the land. Where the horizon mashes with the infinite. This place is dream-like especially at the full-moon light *(which is when I took this shot).
There is no other place in the world like this one and if it weren’t for this random guy I met on the Tel Aviv Shuk, I would have never known about this desert Oasis in the southest south of this wild, wild country.

One thought on “An Oasis in the middle of the desert, the moon light and a the wolf pool

  1. Hedo says:

    i Think its me. 🙂 Hedo

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