Breslov babies

Lesson number one: If you see a bunch of girls playing “dress-up like your mother” in the front yard of a family house in a little Orthodox Jewish town near the Kinneret, stop the car, get off, ask permission to the grown-up of the bunch, pull out your camera immediately and do not stop shooting for any reasons whatsoever!
Any feelings of guilt, fear, aggressiveness or disrespect shall be shed aside, kids are the most playful bunches to photograph, take advantage of it and have fun with them. Religious ones even more, especially if every single one of them with the exception of four are named Malka and they do not speak anything, but Hebrew.
And this is what I did this am at 11 and I am so thankful to having gotten lost on that up-hill street in the middle of Yavne’el.

2 thoughts on “Breslov babies

  1. Yedidya says:

    Great pics, but would love to see color in children’s pics. B&W seems harsh and dramatic, grown-up like. What do you feel about that?
    btw, how r u? Miss u at Yoga.

    • Hey friend,
      thanks for writing to me…I am traveling between the Jordan Valley and Tzvat. I will be back to yoga soonish, but if not I will let you know.
      In any case, these photos are part of a bigger project which is purposely B&W for drama and seriousness. These children are children, but being religious are actually or seem “adults” hence the B&W. Plus I am the kind of B&W photographer…you may disagree, but this is how I see the world: in sharp and deep B&W shades.
      Thanks for the interest anyhow,
      Ciao ciao
      Fede šŸ™‚

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