la gatta sul tetto che scotta

If you walk around the kotel area enough, you become friend with everybody.
Even if you do not speak Hebrew or Arabic, the human nature is so advanced that you would just nod or sight and let them understand what you need at the expense of your ego.
I wanted to see something I had never seen before. I wanted to be upstairs from the market. I wanted to be like a cat that jumps off one roof and lands on another. I was determined. But I did not know how and who to ask. Then, all of a sudden, this Arab guy with gelatinous hair looked at my wondering gazing and offered to take me “above it all.”
I was a little mouse in search for cheese. I followed him closely, every step he took, every corner he cut, I wanted to remember this place to be able to come back once more. Alone. When we arrive it felt like we were spiderman and wonder-woman jumping off little fences and climbing up precarious stairs…but it was all worth it because indeed I found a nice little yeshiva where I broke in and took this photo, which is not per se an amazing shot, but it shows so much behind this culture I am still so utterly unaware. On the roof-tops of the most religious city in the world, boys from 16-21 learn Torah at every hour of the day, but before they start, they enter this room, to loose their, most precious possessions, their hats and their coats, they hang them in such sumptuous space where they lay as holy gurmet waiting to be dressed again after prayers. They put on the tefillin *(they caught me just one second before I was able to shoot that frame, but I will go back, don’t you worry!), dress their kippas once more and enter the Temple where, all together they recite the daily Parasha`. If you wait outside of the yeshiva, you can see them coming and going and going and coming at every hour of the day, no matter the heat, the rain or the excessive sunlight. They jump the roofs to get to their “magic spot.” For one day I felt just like them: A cat in search for something on a hot summery roof on the top of the world…

One thought on “la gatta sul tetto che scotta

  1. mario says:

    Ciao Federica, mi pare che la tua determinazione nella ricerca, professionale e non, ti stia dando risultati e soddisfazioni. Non capita spesso, complimenti per le tue scelte che, evidentemente, sono quelle giuste.

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