Om Kotel, Kotel, Kotel…

There is a truth commonly known that a woman in need of a man goes to the kotel to ask G-d for him.
There is also another truth less-commonly known that that same woman can go to the kotel to find useful answers to extended questions about spirituality if she just sits there and stares at the wall until it just speaks to her through the preyers of other women.

Yesterday I was that woman. I sat and stared. I wrote another note and posted in the wall. I questioned. I asked. I preyed. I cried. And later I came out a different person. There is some serious magnetism in this small space where all the women in the world re-unite at night to prey. You can just feel the energy rising as the voices do.

You do not have to be Jewish or neither orthodox to be there. You are just a woman in front of G-d or whomever you may think is there behind or above this wall built by the bare hands of men 2000 or so years ago. And when the sunset comes, this place is incredible and for few minutes you are back in history within the old city.
The voices of others disappear, the silence of the unknown reigns over the crowd and the sky becomes pink and then dark blue. You close your eyes and you go back in time. You feel the vibration of the past on your bare skin. You may hear a shofar being blown in the male section, or the out-cry of another woman in the mist of her preyer. You sob a bit, you touch the wall thinking of people you have lost in the past year trying to take some of that magnetism to be able to transmit it to them.

And then, when you open your eyes again, you are back in real life, but you feel re-charged. You see things differently. You have more compassion for others and for yourself. Your see with your soul and not only with your eyes. The coat of materialism is shed off your shoulders and the weight of existence is lifted. You walk back through the winding roads of the Old City to find your way back home.

Coming to the kotel for me works exactly as a meditation practice. Inexplicably so, but it does.

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