jerusalem street art is Massiah’s style!

Well, well, well…today was a particularly unproductive day, but it’s all good. It means I needed a break and think of something else than my “Bat Melech” project for a change. I have been so obsessed and concentrated to get the right photos at the right time that I have been forgetting about myself and what it’s also good for me…put the camera down for a day or two and just wonder around without taking pictures for few hours. See with your other eye: The Third One!
And this is what I was doing today…I walked around some unknown neighborhood called Ohel Moshe with no particular idea in mind. And then I found the Massiah. I could not avoid taking this photo. You find this kind of humor just in Yerushalaim…SIMPLY AWESOME!!!

One thought on “jerusalem street art is Massiah’s style!

  1. Jill says:

    How “coincidental” your mentioning “the third eye”. My older sister, Jane Underwood, has a flickr account that she named “MY THIRD EYE”. She started it as a sort of “therapy” for herself upon learning of her breast cancer about 7 years ago. It has been and still is a wonderful outlet for her and a way to refocus her energies that seem to be healing for her as well! She put together one particular “book” that I love and will share with you…….one of the things she loves to photograph are old murals and such in San Francisco where she lives. This is the link to view one of her photo books ( ) and this is a link to view all 5000+ photos she has posted over the years! ( ) Hope you can find time to enjoy some of them when you aren’t working! Am enjoying your “third eye” very much! xo Jill

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