little ethiopia

Finally after four days of waking-up at 2pm , it seems like I am not jet-lagged anymore and so waking-up at 9am is a feasible task especially if after a hand-made coffee at the corner Arab bar *(the only one open because it’s Shabbat and all the Jewish stores are closed) you decided to go explore Shapira, little Ethiopia, as they call it around here as people are rushing to get ready for church…
Shapira is very closed to Hatikva, the neighbor where on May 23 the Israeli clashed against the Eritrean, Sudanese and Ethiopian to re-claim “their” territories. Israeli in fact, do not consider “foreigners” as war refugees who escaped from their country because of civil war and crimes against humanity. They consider them as “people who just snuck into the country to take advantage of Israel.”
More to discover and understand about these significant, cultural difference,and mostly, more to photograph inside little Ethiopia, but I am off to Haifa for Shavuot until tomorrow night.

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