Out of my comfort zone

I am eating babagamush. I am eating babagamush, but this time I am not sitting at a Shabbat dinner table in Brooklyn…I am eating babagamush and I am flying over the Atlantic ocean en route to the sandy beaches of “ ha buah,” Tel Aviv via the cold, Russian capital.
Despite my nightmare last night, I did not miss my plane and the airline is not some sketchy “flying low-cost and never land” airlines. The plane is indeed a 737 as all the other ones I had ever took to go to Europe before; there is the middle row with five seats and the side rows with the double sits. There is food and water, but no TV and the lady next to me is a walking character from the Karamazov brother and she is full convinced I am Russian and so she insist on entertaining full conversations with me in her mother tongue, just to see me pulling out a traveler’s guide to Israel.
I loose my point of focus for a second with her because my survival instinct prevails: I am hungry and everyone else around me is getting a tray with food. Where is mine? Did they skip me because I was miming my way throw “how you should tie your seat-belt in Russian with the black-haired babushka next to me?
After a few discourses, I find out that, with the discounted fair I paid, I am also ONLY allowed a miser KOSHER tray of fried chicken and sweet potatoes, oh and yeah, the babagamus on the side… I attempt to ask for a glass of red wine, but I can read the thoughts of the flight attendant from far away: “Economy class does not get wine! Plus, this is not Kosher!”
Oy Vey!
I think to myself maybe this is a sign that I should start my diet now, but, in the end, I corrupt one of the flight attendant with bringing me a glass of NON-KOSHER red wine to sweeten my dreams and, although I am also not meant to be served milky dessert because my ticket destination is Israel, I am given a bonus: A tasty vanilla ice-cream from Haagen-Dazs…SCORE!
The trip has began and I have only lost my wallet once and miraculously got it back as well as I have re-packed my suitcase four times in line at check-in because the airlines does not allow two carry on and I have brought three cameras with me, a computer and two fleshes…but hey, in the end, I got them all by my side and all intact.
I feel like a child today. A child who has been let loose by her parents to go play with the sand with her friend after sunset. I am can feel all the splashes of water and the grains of sand sticking to my feet. I feel as I felt when I was 17 and I jumped on a flight to Denver, Colorado toward that unknown then later became my American tale, yet, this time, I have no plan.
I do not know which city will be my first stop and which my last. I do not have any preference for where I will sleep, what I will eat as far as I can discover and photograph what I still do not know. I have no expectations, but learning something I did not know before. So, I am really just a child going to play with her own camera by the beach.
Follow my footsteps in the sand if you wish…
The plan is to take a frame a day on any subject matter that may inspire me.
This idea came to me from Magnum photographer Chen-Chi who I met and learned from last summer during my internship at Magnum in Motion. This man has a discipline and a sense of esthetics that is admirable and inspiring. I will mimic his rigid attitude toward framing, lighting and subject matter to deliver a frame a day for the next two months on the side of continuing shooting “Daughters Of The King” in the hope that “with practice, practice, practice everything will come.”

One thought on “Out of my comfort zone

  1. Jill says:

    Hey Wandering Wonder Woman!!! So exciting for you! I will be waiting and watching for your pics and posts! Be safe and happy! xo

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