ode to Coney Island

Just to steam some heat off, today I woke up and walked from bay ridge to coney island. I had a big scare this week thinking I may have torn my ACL once again after a bad fall bouldering, but thankfully the doctor today told me it was all ok…yet he did say I needed to start taking it slower or I was going to injure it again. Oh man, but it has been a year and half, how long will it take to heal my wonderful knee? So, I had to do something *(and I could not run or climb or do yoga)…So, what better reason to walk 6 miles to then sit with my feet in the sand listening to the sound of the ocean’s waves crushing on the shore in one of my favorite spot on Earth?
Yes, Coney, oh, Coney, how sweet is thy sound of orthodox kids running around in and out of the water chasing waves, how daring is the smell of french fries to me and how inviting is the taste of ‘different’ parading your board walk?
Yes, this place is the BEST theraphy for “upset anything, anytime.”
Thank God for the hot dog contest, the wheel of fortune, the polar bears and the never-ending tourists. God bless Coney Island and its silent fishermen sitting hopeful on the long, long pier.

One thought on “ode to Coney Island

  1. Jill says:

    Aaahhhh……sounds deliciously sweet! xoxo

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