may day fairy and other stories…

The 99% missed work and came back down on the City street on May 1. Among the many, there were the “underpaid” immigrants platooning in front-of Cipotle and The Capital Grill where their pay checks seems to have been disappearing. There, there were the “international” students who demand a better education system where money is actually spent for extra classes and better professors… not much on the health insurance unfortunately, I would have loved to have seen more people demonstrating on this issue. I even met the May Day fairy who got dressed up in a tu-tu just to have all policemen *(and myself) looking at her with some odd eyes until she mentioned who she really was.
The Occupy Wall Street movement is back for sure, but its stamina is not all back yet. Or, at least, not at its peak as it was that day back in October when we marched from Wall Street, all the way to Times Square where even policemen on horses were not strong enough to break “the enemy lines,” ( I was literally standing on a wooden structure that was trembling beneath my feet at the push of the horses, but it never felt, they never made it through).

Tuesday reminded me a bit of when I was in High School back in Italy and I was trying to cut school to voice my opinion on anything worth demanding just because I did not want to be called up and had to recite the whole Odyssey by heart in front of the whole class. I too want a better world where health insurance is cheaper for freelancers, where we have better chances of finding jobs and where money is not held only by the rich and richest. A world where wanting to have a child should not mean constant stress because everything is too expensive and the environment has been polluted so much that we may want to think twice before bringing one more living being on this Earth. I do believe in “peacefully manifesting my ideals,” yet again I must say, those HAVE TO BE followed by stronger actions from the people. We are not in ’68 anymore, and bad abits are much more difficult to break. If we want change, we must fight harder. This WAR may start on the street, but let’s bring it over to the organs of government and let’s propose plans to “reform” dear our world so that we cannot be told NO. What do you say? This would really be what “democracy looks like,” not just pacing the city streets with signs. Sings are only effective for a very short period, then they are long forgotten, we must drill our ideals in people’s heads with canny ideas ourselves.
I support the cause and I will be there to report change as much as I will be there to remind myself that, thank G-d, we live in a country where we have freedom of speak and expression and that our voices shall become an echo of the ones of those who cannot speak for fear of death.

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