The barn is waiting for me…I hope so!

When I was 13 I read “The Chosen One,” from Chaim Potok. The two friends Danny and Raven were an Orthodox Jew and a non-observant Jew son of a Zionist journalist who grew-up to be best friends on Bedford Avenue. This book shaped my Jewish identity as a teenager growing up in Italy. Since then, I made a promise to myself: One day I was going to come to America to learn about those “Chassidim” I read about in Potok’s books.
In 2010, I moved to Brooklyn, turn my Pre Med degree into a photographer career and began “Daughters Of The King,” a photographic essay on the Orthodox Jewish women of Crown Heights. What started as a “street photography,” soon became a deeper analysis of my own spirituality through the eyes of these religious women. From the streets, I was led into their homes to dine with their families, attend their weddings and photograph barmitzvahs across the country. The reason why I want to come to the Barn and spend sleepless nights speaking and breathing photography with photo colleagues and a fantastic cast of photo editors, is to learn how I can further develop this story of mine and make it into my very first book and exhibit. I am ready for some “hard core” critique. I am prepared to learn how a photojournalistic story could serve society on a deeper level as a social justice tool since I aspire to photograph minorities so that the world could modify their fate.
I am not a photojournalist for art’s sake, I am a photojournalist because from my years as a print journalist I understood that images can change somebody’s opinion and move a person to tears to make the adequate changes that will make a difference between life and death.

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