on being the subject matter

Sometimes as a photographer, you too have to remember to let it loose and see if you can be comfortable in front of a camera as you often ask your subjects to be. Here is my own take on that suggestion. Tuesday night I decided to see if I could actually do what I preach and put myself in front of several cameras for a lighting workshop at the International Center for Photographer *(ICP) and here is the results after three hours of shooting.
I had so much fun because the photographers made me feel at ease and allowed my true self to come through in every shot *(yes, even the creepy one where you can only see one eye!) So, although, some of us may already know this, I am making a mental note to myself to always remember that “If I am not having fun and I am not showing I am confident in what’s happening behind my camera, the person in front of me will also, most likely, feel uncomfortable and weird and I can kiss the ‘good attitude’ photos goodbye.”
Happy shooting everyone!

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