archival treasures

So you know those days in which you are between assignments and you decide to clear out your Hard Drive space and polish your Lightroom Library from all the extra scraps you once thought were good photos, but, now, on a second look, they are crap?
Well, today was that day for me and, but, surprisingly so, I found nothing to throw away, just stuff to keep.

These girls are the Garelik’s daughters who here are very diligently building their Sukka for the Sukkot festivities in 2010. I caught them toward the end of their laborious day, but just in time to get some relaxing moments and some whole-hearten smiles.
Every year the little girls and boys help their father building up the “out side house” where the whole family will eat their meals for the whole seven days of Sukkot remembering the 40 days of exodus of the Jews when they were freed from Egypt and they were on their way over to find and establish themselves in “Israel.”

I guess this is all good news since in two months I will be leaving for Israel and then Russia to continue this project of photos of mine and it’s always good to go back and look through old stuff to see what’s more is needed. Onward to venture into Williamsburg next week to see how the Satmar community will react to my camera this time around…

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