counting my blessing before the new year…

This is grandma Anna, she is the one who raised me when my mom was still in Medical School. She is also the one I have seeing “cleaning” lentils the night before New Year’s Eve since the beginning of time. She is convinced *(and sometimes she is right) that there are little pebbles inside the pre-packed ones. So she carefully spends hours dividing them in two plates and discarding the bad ones so that “nobody would have to break a tooth” while eating them.
Today I “cleaned” them with her because I feel blessed to have her in my life still. As blessed as I am to have all of my four grandparents still alive.
So, yes, today Dec. 31, 2011, I am counting my blessing and thanking “you know who” for giving me the fortune to spend the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 with all of my family by my side, nobody excluded. And cleaning and counting lentils is the perfect way to patiently acknowledge such luck.

Happy New Year, may this one be nothing like you imagine it to be, but possibly better!

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