If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have told you that I was still indecisive about whether or not circumcision was indeed a cruel act performed on such a small creature. But after today, I have, most certainly, a different opinion.
The Brit Milah may be one of the most spiritual moment I have ever experience within Judaism. Although I was extremely disturbed by this beautiful baby turning bright red screaming with pain from the Rebbi cutting off part of his sexual organ, I was also deeply touched by what the whole gesture meant for this boy. He will grow-up to be a man, a Jewish man with a sign to remind him of his religion anywhere and anytime. In few years time, he won’t ever remember this moment *(unless he asks me to sell him this photo?), but he will for ever remember where he came from.
And, no, this is not a rallying cry to say Judaism is the best and only religion existing, but just to say that seeing his parents, close and extended family proud faces united around this wonderful 8-days old baby on the day he was welcomed not only to the world, but to the Jewish faith, was more powerful that I expected.
The birth of a child, especially in an orthodox Jewish community it’s the biggest blessing of all because a child, a male child even more, is the successor to the tribe, the one who will carry on the Torah’s teachings, so his entrance into a community it’s holy. He represents the passing of generations and the future of others this is why his act of coming into society is made so wonderfully pure itself. ,

And yes, no question the ritual had something almost sadistic to it and the Rabbi’s sucking of the blood off the little boy appendage to avoid infections was crude *(and unexpected) to watch, but all part of a thousands years old tradition that we all (one way or another) belong to. And so today there is not judgment, there is not right or wrong, there is no kid’s right vs. parental decision, there is only the Torah and the commandments that God told 100-year-old Abraham. And this is just perfect.

Now, when it will come my kid’s turn, I may faint, but today instead I took some photos!

In any case, welcome to the world Elyasaf Yisrael, I promise to sell you the rights to these photos when you turn 18 as of today’s decision was not yours, but your parents. In any case, Mazal Tov and welcome once again…

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