meet Chef Chaya

She is the Giulia Child of the Crown Heights community, although she prefers coconut oil and agave nectar to butter and sugar.
She is only 23 and yet, she is starting her own “healthy baking” business out of her own kitchen, “because people in the community are becoming more health conscious and there is a need for healthy baked goods. The mothers do not have the time for more cooking with all the things they already take care of.”

Her “obsession” with food started in 2009 that’s when she decided to attend the Jerusalem Culinary Institute and left the country for what should have been a two-months-long adventure and ended-up being a 6-months self-disovery.
She even had her little blog, “a little culinary experiment,” where she share all of her daily receipt and class notes from school. She is now working on it again and it should be up and running soon.

When she talks about the “shuks” or open markets in Jerusalem, Chaya’s eye just brighten with joy. “You will absolutely love it,” she tell me. “Everything is so fresh and so simple.”

I ask her if she can make something special…so she pulls out her new favorite book “Baby Cakes,” and she lets me choose: Vegan cranberry scones with spelt and coco oil.

Today she is home because she is baby sitting her little nice. So, we decide to get her to work with us.
I have never before cooked with a toddler before, but I have to say these big families have it all figure out…hold the baby, pick-up the flour, drop the baby, get the eggs in the fridge, pick the baby up again, mix the flour with the eggs, add the salt, drop the baby down while melting the coco oil, play with the baby and the cranberry while shaping the scones!

Thirty minutes later…Voila`: The scones are out of the oven and ready to be tasted before they cool down.
SIMPLY DELICIOUS *(and yes VEGAN, all the better!)

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