on long-term photography

Some people have asked recently when will I be done with my project on the Jewish Orthodox women. My answer was never.
This is no joke. I just believe the craft of photo reportage is endless. This is what makes it that much more interesting to me.
From one story another builds up. From a person met in the street, 10 more will cross my path in the next week to come.
It’s like a climax of event with no real tail end.

Of course, there is a point where the photographer will have to draw a line and decide that she has taken as many frames as possible for the story to be told the way she wanted to. But, really this time it’s hard to determine and sometimes enough is never enough. The beauty of such endless stories is that they stay with us forever no matter the million other frames we may be taking in a life time. They are part of something bigger than just a daily assignment.

Long-term project are born from our own personal necessity of expression as much as they are nourished by the excitement and curiosity of showing a particular subject matter at interest. They are part of an inward journey toward personal knowledge that brings us to communicate with the world outside in a still-based vocabulary. As far as our need to know ourselves is alive, so will be our project. Our relationship with those images is private, almost obsessive. We are them, they are us. We are not only reporting a story, we are the story ourselves. Absolutely entangled in it with every part of our bodies.

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