I met Ketie Friedman only twice. She told me about her bath tub project and two minutes later she asked me if I wanted to be one of her subjects.

Wait, I have to bathe in a tub full of water and pasta? For real?
Well, what the heck, you got the right gal, I am Italian!

And so the story goes that I ended up at the famous 475 Kent Avenue Kibbutz in a tub until midnight when my fingers and toes just turned quite bluish and cooked that I had to get out.

…you see, in the world of emerging photographer, helping one another is the secret of it all. The creativity in a collective thinking environment just flows like there is no tomorrow and the outcomes are highly superior most of the times. So, posing for Katie was both fun and helpful for me as well.

Plus being the spectator for her and our humble assistant Pete debating on every possible angle of lighting to give me the look she wanted was just hilarious.

And not, I am not part fish from soaking in the hot water for that long and neither did I taste the pasta at the end of the session. I was just left with the smoothest skin one woman can ever imagine.

Seriously, this may have been the best peel I had done in a while!
It may have to be spaghetti and olive oil bath for here on onward…

ps: David Alan Harvey was there too and he snapped a couple of shots as well for his cartoon story book on HERE 🙂


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